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Cherish the Spark

The AccepTTranscend Model for Transformation

AccepTTranscend encompasses six stages demonstrated by people from diverse backgrounds and cultures who have transcended adversity to enrich their lives with meaning and purpose. The sequence of steps can be followed again and again, like a spiral, each time further illuminating for the participant their most authentic self and grounding in the world.


AccepTTranscend facilitates an ongoing journey, starting from the point of Acceptance.

Acceptance: Here I am. I have a past; a story. I may not like or accept some of the things that have happened in my life, but I do accept that they have brought me to this place, at this time, and I am ready to take the first steps forward, to a positive new phase.

Community: I am a complex being. I live in a body, in a home, in a neighbourhood, in a country in continent in a world in an infinite universe. There are countless other beings at every level with whom I co-exist and resonate. Where do I belong in all of this?  How can I transform my relationships, with myself with others, and with All that Is? How can I be of most value, and find my natural, authentic place at every level of community?

Compassion: What is it? Why do we need it? How can it mend our fractured lives and our broken world? The Virtues that comprise and overlap compassion include empathy, kindness, responsibility, gratitude, generosity, tolerance, reverence, love. When we relate to others with compassion, scales fall from our eyes and hearts, and theirs. When we relate to ourselves, and all the beings of the world, with compassion, the trajectory of our transformation escalates into an unstoppable stream of healing, insight and synchronicity radiating far beyond our own vicinity.

Expression: What is my story? Who am I, as the protagonist; who are the main characters and what are their roles? What have been the tragedies, the comedies, the triumphs, the disasters? Far from historical accounts that can never be changed, our stories are living, fluid entities. Sharing them with others who truly hear and witness them helps us to hear and witness them ourselves – and thus, in time, transform them.


Creative expression comes in many forms, all imbued with the power to transmute our darkness into light, and make us the authors and heroes of our lives.

Purpose: Why am I here? What have been my life lessons? What do I love? What is my calling? How can I enrich and transform my own life by contributing within my world? How have the challenges I’ve survived prepared me for this?

When we explore the unique lessons in the lives we’ve lived, patterns may emerge, revealing a sense of purpose and expanding our horizons with new meaning, healing and joyful direction.

Transcendence: What transports me beyond the ordinary limits of existence? What makes my heart sing and my spirit soar? How can I access that which takes me farther than the boundaries of the everyday? Perhaps a walk in nature, poetry, a work of art. Perhaps solitude, mediatation, prayer, a daily ritual, a communion with friends, or even strangers. When we are able to connect to something greater than ourselves, we can transcend all that keeps us tied to our perception of ourselves, our history, our smallness. And we can find new levels of acceptance, and begin the journey all over again, from this new, profound perspective…

The AccepTTranscend Model, with a toolbox of resources, is available via workshops, courses and face-to-face/online Transformational Coaching. Contact Tam for more information