About Tam Martin

I am 57, mother of three adult children, a transpersonal therapist, writer and group facilitator living in South West England. I have had my share of (ultimately empowering) challenges, including neurodiversity and mental health crises, and am currently learning to embrace the dubious title “Older Woman”- and make it wonderful!

Commemorating Hiroshima, City of Peace

HIROSHIMA DAY Seventy-four years ago today, at 8.15am on 6th August 1945, the world’s first nuclear attack took place in Hiroshima, Japan. Today, people worldwide are paying tribute to the hundreds of thousands whose lives were lost, or devastated, by that event. The atomic bombing of Hiroshima (and, three days later Nagasaki) was a milestone [...]

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One of the great joys of my life is in spending time with younger women - something which, as the mother of two daughters ages 32 and 22, I am privileged to enjoy a lot.  I love younger women's vibrancy, their perspective on a world very different than my own, their fresh enthusiasm and questioning [...]

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Togetherness & Solitude: The Exquisite Balance

Many of the women I work with, in my workshops and one-to-one sessions, are unhappy regarding relationships. Perhaps their partnership lacks vitality, or they are single and despairing of ever being happily paired with a compassionate other. I can empathise with both these states which, amazingly, I can also now look back upon through the [...]

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The People We Were Born to Be

The AccepTTranscend Model for Transformation explores, in part, the power of the stories we tell ourselves, and others, about our lives. We tend to think we cannot change the past. But we can change the way it has affected us, and affects us still. We can rewrite our story with ourselves as hero. We can [...]

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The Empty Nest is a Fluid Thing

It is that time of year that young people prepare to leave for college and university. Exciting, for them and their parents, but sometimes devastating too for the erstwhile caregivers left behind. I used to wonder, when my friends lamented the emptying of their nests, why they made such a big deal of it. As [...]

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Feathers, Sticks, Guano and Wisdom: The Debris of the Empty Nest

I’m trying to work out how to effectively launch a new Twitter account. At 57, IT-active but still cautiously emerging from a tunnel of innate technophobia, this is a challenge for me. I want to reach out to other Older Women like myself. Over 50, reluctant to accept what “over 50” is supposed to mean. [...]

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Psychological Crisis: Dismantling the Walls

The day before the Berlin Wall came down, I lost my mind. It was the eighth of November 1989; a Thursday. Much later, my best friend Alison noted “two walls came down at once”. Mental illness affects at least one quarter of the population of the Western World. For those who have not suffered it, [...]

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Disorders, Difficulties and words that start with Dys: Fenna’s Story (Full Version)

This post is a celebration, a culmination, a letting go and a re-commitment. It is a story I need to tell, and I hope it will resonate with others, and inspire them, There is a condensed version if you'd prefer. What a month it's been! Two weeks ago my daughter Fenna was notified that she [...]

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Disorders, Difficulties and words that start with Dys (Condensed Version))

What a month it has been! Two weeks ago my daughter Fenna was notified that she has achieved a 2:1 degree in Psychology. The next day she learned that she has also been successful in her first ever “proper” job application. She aced her very first interview and will start her “dream job” in a [...]

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