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Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year … the number of people who self-harm or have suicidal thoughts is increasing (Mind)

In the Western world, psychological crisis is general perceived to be an illness that requires medication to restore relative normality as fast as possible.

While conventional treatment works for some, it can be counter-productive for those individuals to whom such crisis is an opportunity for transformation and profound personal growth.

In her late twenties, Tam experienced a mental health crisis that initially robbed her of everything she valued, but ultimately transported her to a richer, more meaningful level of existance from which she has never looked back.

Tam was fortunate to find support to help her make sense of her experience, and nurture her towards eventual recovery. Nearly thirty years on, she is committed to raising awareness about Transformational Psychological Crisis, sharing her experience as part of a discussion about society’s attitude to psychological distress.

There is a growing community of professionals and people with lived experience whose vision is of a society that recognises the positive potential of psychological crisis and provides a safe environment for those experiencing it. The 2017 documentary film CRAZYWISE is a groundbreaking exploration of the Western world’s approach to mental distress, in contrast to that of other cultures.. Tam is collaborating with CRAZYWISE director Phil Borges, an American human rights activist with an important role in the evolution of Western mental health provision. Tam is keen to organise CRAZYWISE screenings accompanied by workshops and discussions.

It is often the most sensitive and innately wise people who find themselves unable to function in today’s ailing world. We need to shift our perspective to recognise and respect the validity of their experiences, compassionately support them through, and value what they have to teach us – for everybody’s sake.