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Cherish the Spark

tam martin cherish the spark

Tam Martin Fowles is an international workshop facilitator, speaker, trainer, writer, transpersonal therapist, wife, and mother of three wonderful adults. She developed the AccepTTranscend Model for Transformation in 2012, after studying the common criteria of Universal Survivors – people from diverse backgrounds and cultures who have transcended adversity to live more richly and proactively as a result.

Tam’s work spans several areas, all connected; from mental health to women’s empowerment, community and peacebuilding.  All facilitate positive change for the individual and wider world and all are informed by her own experiences of transcending adversity, including neurodiversity and mental health crises in early adulthood. Tam’s recovery has been a journey she happily shares with others on their own paths towards cherishing the spark of transformation that burns within us all.

Courses, including Hope – Action – Transformation!,  Feeding the Feminine Heart and Rehoming Hope have inspired participants of all ages, on several continents, to make lasting positive change and find an authentic and proactive place in the world, thus experiencing greater fulfilment, joy and purpose.

Hope in the Heart
(CIC), is an NGO, founded by Tam in 2012, supporting people in need, through education, personal development and social action.

Tam and Hope in the Heart are partners of the global Charter for Compassion and Tam is a member of the Charter’s international team.


Transpersonal Therapies/Beyond Coaching
Personal sessions and bespoke courses for individuals seeking positive transformation.
In person, via Skype, written correspondence (following assessment session), and any combination!
Assessment session free.

Workshops and Courses include:

Six Elements of Transformation

Rehoming Hope:
How to switch on the light in our darkest times

Feeding the Feminine Heart:
Becoming Woman Undiluted

Dystinctive Learning:

Wonderful Neurodiversity – What is it and why should it be celebrated?

Awakening the Virtues Within:
Introducing UN-endorsed Character Education Programme  The Virtues Project

Mental Health:
Crisis as Transformation