The Gates to Transformation

The picture at the top of this site's AccepTTranscend page shows a little girl running beneath several torii gates. The two TT's of the AccepTTranscend logo also form a torii gate. The Accept Transcend Model for Transformation  comprises six stages of personal development and was inspired by a remarkable period I spent in Japan in [...]

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FF is for Ffeminist – Breasts, Bras and the Older Woman

I’ve got big breasts. I have had since, at the age of 11, the startling bumps that had recently appeared on my little-girl chest suddenly inflated into something with a definite cleavage. Mortified with shame, I grew my hair longer so that if I bent forward it would form a curtain to hide the cursed [...]

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Rehoming Hope

Perhaps you’ve noticed we are living in challenging times. Times in which hope, while never needed more, can sometimes seem inadequate for the crises we are facing. I have been facilitating workshops that explore and identify hope for many years, and repeatedly witnessed its power to guide people through the darkest times. An acquaintance recently [...]

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